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I am honoured to have been working with Debbie for the last three years. I have been travelling globally and seeking energetic healers / healing and always come back to Debbie no matter where in the world I am. Her ability to heal, to see, to know and to teach energetics is truly amazing. I feel her presence in my life has been instrumental in its transformation, bringing joy, self-love and an entirely new life . I am so incredibly thankful for her and her healing abilities.

Sandra Little

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time yesterday! You have really helped me see so much I didn’t realise so I am really grateful for that. I feel so much more at ease now and feel as though there are things I need to do which I didn’t realise to be fulfilled with my life.

Best wishes 


I feel actually amazing tonight, thank you for today it's all so clear now ... You have been an nmazing support to me for 6 months. I'm actually blown away about all the things that have happened but thanks again, you are a special lady. 


Hi Deb, I just wanted to give you an update after my healing you done for me on the 08/02/19 - thank you so much, you're an amazing energy reader and healer! I just wanted to share that I'm feeling so good, the pain in shoulders, throat & hip has dissapeared. My lower back has a twinge which I feel will eventually disolve. So much better than before I received my healing from you. Once again thank you.


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